Our History

The seeds of the iconic ghee brands “GRS” that are synonymous with purity; unique granulation and homemade taste were sown in the year 1980 by Mr.R.Prabhakar, a born genius with exceptional product knowledge and business acumen. Mr.R.Prabhakar’s staunch belief in delivering only the high quality products to the consumers with clean business ethics was the foundation of GRS's market success.

Today GRS stands as the industry benchmark for quality and clean business practices. GRS has been cherishing the faith and unshakeable trust of its customers

Our Services

GRS Ghee have a good distribution network all over Tamilnadu . We supply to overall Tamil Nadu leading wholesalers and our distributors directly.

Why should we use GRS GHEE

Rich in fat soluble *vitamins A,D,E,K2

K2 content strengthens

CLA content regulates

Has a higher smoke point which makes it ideal for cooking and sauteing

Ideal for those who are lactose and casein intolerant

Butyrate content improves gut and colon health

Our Team Profile

Founder & Chairman

GRS a brand that have carved a niche in the dairy foods market and have become synonymous with purity, a unique granulated texture and unimpeachable homemade taste. Mr.R.Prabhakar, a visionary with exceptional product knowledge and business acumen.

Executive Director

Mrs.P.Muthu Lakshmi is the Head - Accounting&IT department of GRS GHEE. She has completed Her bachelor’s in computer administration in Madurai Kamaraj University.


Mr.P.VeeraSatheep is the Head -Production Operations at GRS GHEE. He has completed his Bachelor’s in Commerce in Anna University. He is an enterprising person and is dedicated to constantly improving the operational progress of various product lines at GRS. He has been actively involved in the new way of digital marketing of GRS GHEE, which includes our product lines.